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Jun 11

Website Feedback


Post any feedback regarding the website on this thread.

I'd like to see a developer tab where we can check the developers, area of specialties and maybe some short and sweet information about them. Another thing I'd like to see is either have trello integrated for easy access from the website or a new roadmap allowing us to track the progress like police 10-13 instead of trello. A + on the last thing is it'd be easier to read than the trello and you'll get a more understanding where the game is at. Monthly updates to that if ever implemented would be sufficient in my personal opinion. Good looking website so far though. Not to mention the Montgomery County video, truly amazing.

Jun 13

Thanks for the feedback ill do this for sure!

Glad to see the new site as well as the updates, keep up the good work Rafael.

New Posts
  • I will help with Graphics and other problems let me know and ill leave you a response on what to do. Thank You
  • Hey guys, first of all, this is not a paid post my god people are toxic. I just want to get it through to some people that you have paid for and Early access game ok ?... Look guys you have to give Raf a chance to make the game you's paid for an early access version and here's and term of it... Early access games are meant to be games that are opened a little earlier to consumers, although they are very playable. Simply put, at a consumer standpoint alpha is barely playable, beta is ridden with crashes and bugs, early access should barely have any and most of them will be patched up for actual release . This is what it means so please don't expect a full game to be released People are going on like its already released and yous want more and more patches to come out which in the terms Raf has continually released patches which yous should be lucky for the whole game is on a stop now because yous all wanted more and more which means the city-wise of the game won't be released for longer so give it time guys and I promise that it will be worth it All things come to him who waits - provided he knows what he is waiting for. Woodrow T. Wilson
  • hi guys I need some help with spawning ai units to a call i tried several times for a 1st alarm fire but i dont know what button it is or what it looks like to get other units to respond im very new to Manhattan mod as i only done the training tower before and also if there is any YouTube videos on how to do it please send me some links if you can and if anyone can help me that would be awesome thanks from Cody Simms